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    1989 Ford Ranger V6 2.9L

    Hello everyone, I've been looking into a 1989 Ford Ranger V6 2.9L that is for sale. The truck has 150,000km on it, it seems to be in great shape and runs great. It has many new parts on it including a new starter, new valve cover gaskets, all new brakes, new muffler, new ball joints and much more. I have just a few questions about the truck.

    1) How reliable are these V6 2.9L's? Any typical problems I should look out for?
    2) The typical fuel mileage?
    3) The guy is asking $1400 cdn, and is in great shape. Is this a decent price for it?
    4) Any other general comments about it would be nice too.

    Thanks alot,

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    cracking heads, tapping lifters and burning oil/ coolant, other than that they are great little engines.

    15-25 is normal

    the price sounds about right but do a search.

    do a tune up when you get it, change everything that hasnt been changed.
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    SOLD: 1987 ranger xlt 2.9l 5-speed tk5 2wd long bed red interior with shadow grey clearcoat metallic paint and 2 red pinstripes

    2007 ranger xlt 4.0l 5-speed 4wd long bed tan interior with redfire clearcoat metallic paint

    31" bfgoodrich tires on 15" alcoa rims
    fx4 level 2 chrome shifter and leather boot
    cargo light
    hood light
    dash wood grain
    spray in bed liner
    aluminum tool box
    extra chrome, EXTRA CHROME!

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    any other comments?
    I need to buy a windshield for it, roughly how much do they cost?

    Thanks again,

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    I had one installed at my house last year for 175$.
    The company was called Fast Glass but I don't know if they are all over the country or not.
    Cool thing was that they did the house call for free and it only took the guy <30 minutes to do the job and it's never leaked.


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    I have owned my ranger for 2 1/2 years now.. I bought it off my aunt , and my grandfather is a licensed mechanic so with his help all repairs were done without the cost of labour .

    The truck is an 89' 2.9L 5spd longbox reg. cab (black) the chassis is closing in on 325 thousand km and it received a crate motor at 305 ... not that the old motor died , but it seemed time for a fresh 1 . The clutch has lasted forever , havind no memory of it being changed .. but at last it slipped its first slip 2 days ago . The body has needed repair for holes and such .. but under coating for canadian winters with salty roads would have been a good idea . a wind sheild should be had for $200 or under and depending on use , but with reg. driving the brakes last a decent amout of time . The tranny is still rock solid .. aluminum rad with about 5% wear and tear ( the heaters on these trucks can get finicky and only work on HI )

    Also I've done a heater core swap .. because the old 1 leaked and smelled like anti freeze when on . I believe it has needed a fuel pump in its lifetime .. also the truck has a plastic fuel tank which is nice .. although it does expand and contract if the fuel cap is tight . and the rear leaf spring shackles rotted out giving my truck that ever so longed for "slammed" look .. but was unwanted , lol so they were replaced .

    All in all , I use the truck as a truck but reward it with repairs and Synthetic motor oil , the 145hp 2.9L is somewhat sufficient .. miles ahead of my old 88' 2.0L 4 banger ranger .. I did spring for a K&N air filter which gave it some more breath ... and finally , with sub temperatures its a good idea to block the rad alittle so it warms up better and operates at optimal temp and not below .. I use just use a peice of cardboard with holes in it and a peice of sheet metal with holes in it .. just because the cardboard looks ugly.

    That's my rant for now .. and my first post enjoy

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    that sounds like a good deal! The low mileage, and good price make this an attractive bargain. The 89's had an upgraded head design, so that they were not prone to cracking....A windsheild runs in the $150 range from Speedy Auto Glass...
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