View Full Version : Why does my ranger squeak

Jul 10 2001, 08:28pm
I have a 95 4.0 ranger and I gave it a 2, 4 drop using bell tech coils and leafs about a year ago. My truck squeaks every time now when it hits a bump. Some people say that some trucks just squeaks when you lower them. I hope someone can lead me in a direction to this minor problem. The only thing I can think of right now is maybe just greasing up around the springs. I hope theres more to it than that.

Jul 10 2001, 08:56pm
try squirting the bushings with WD-40. Do one at a time and take it for a drive and when it stops then you know wich one it was. If you used urithane bushings they will squeek unless you grease them up or unless you get the ones with graphite in them.

Jul 10 2001, 09:00pm
Check the sway bar bushings, shock bushings, and spring hanger bushings. It's easier if you get under the truck and have someone bounce on the bumper or in the bed to pinpoint the squeak. I like silicone spray, it seems to last longer and doesn't deteriorate rubber bushings. Usually will take a couple applications of it, and it works better if you spray it while someone is bouncing the truck. If it's actually coming from the spring packs, some of the dry lubricants work well. They go on wet then dry out leaving a film, so they don't get greasy.

Jul 10 2001, 09:01pm
Hey thanks rangergts I well give that a try.

Jul 11 2001, 12:24am
Check your radious arm bushings, these are notirous for going out on rangers and explorers especially with the 4.0. The reason is that the passenger's side is usually bad because it sits right underneath the exhaust. It has a heat sheild but its not anygood. This is what I've found alot. later Doug904.

Jul 11 2001, 10:27pm
I just found another source of "squeakiness" today. I took a back road from work to play a little, and I noticed this loud squeak coming from the rear. It would even squeak getting in and out of the truck. Turned out my emergency brake cable was rubbing the shock on the passengers side. I must have hit a dip, extended the shock, and the cable caught under the shock cover which then made it squeak with every movement of the shock. It had rubbed a shiny spot on it. A little flexing of the cable moved it away from it until I get a spring around it or something. They are rubber covered in this area so it squeaks a bunch if it rubs.

Jul 12 2001, 01:12am
My old '83 ranger did the same thing and it eventually wore a week spot in the cable. Then the cable housing split open and every time I'd set the brake the housing would just mushroom out causing the brake to be very weak.

Jul 12 2001, 09:46am
Hey MazdaSOHC I checked out my the emergency brake cable and you were right. I guess when I lowered my truck the cable went over the top of the shock and was pinned by the leaf spring. I had changed my shocks when overing lowering my truck and I guess thats how it happened. Thanks a lot man for the advise:)

Jul 12 2001, 09:20pm
I'm glad I discovered it by accident for you. I've had them rub before like rangergts said his did, but don't ever remember them making any noise. This one was under the upper cover so it was moving up and down about 4" from the looks of the shiny spot.

Jul 13 2001, 10:27am
I'm getting the problem fixed finally tuesday morning. Thanks again.