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    Bulbs or LEDs for Dash

    Time to pull my dash a part to replace a bulb on my 2006 Ranger.Gonna replace them all while in there but wondering if I should go with 194 LEDs or 194LL bulbs?I really don't wanna do this again and don't plan on ever retiring the truck until it is belly up and not repairable.That might be a while!105K and only repair has been one set of plugs,Tag bulb,Alternator,1 set of tires,Only Ford knows how many oil changes(all dealer done.....$35...I ain't gonna crawl my fat but under there to do it.....),one fuel filter,2 air filters,and Hurst Shifter(Just for giggles!).So,As you can see,this truck might be mine for another 20 or so years and I really REALLY don't want to pull the dash totally down again for a Lightbulb!
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    built not bought
    work in progress is an understatement

    93 ranger xlt 4.0 (splash tribute)
    5/5.5 drop, 17" mustang bullitts, shaved handles and emblems, 1991 Cadillac tail lights, one piece black lights with 8000k hids, 01-03 xenon bumper with hid fogs, mustang gt rear discs breaks and limited slip diff
    mods in progress:
    custom interior, paint

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    100% LED's

    They'll be much brighter & should last for many years to come.

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    this thread is way old man. i think he already made his decision...
    2000 Ranger XLT 2.5l Lima 5-spd. 2wd
    Engine Mods:
    airbox mod w/ K&N drop-in filter ~ Flowmaster 40
    throttle cable mod ~ all synthetic fluids

    Interior Mods:
    carbon fiber pedals ~ Ford script shift knob
    mustang dome light ~ custom blue gauges/hvac panel
    black suede headliner

    Exterior Mods:
    window tint ~ billet grilles
    windshield stripe ~ custom badges
    clear corners and headlights
    color-matched bumper valance w/fogs
    body undercoat ~ tinted tails
    '05 Mustang GT wheels
    DJM 4/5 drop




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