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    HOWTO: Marble Paint

    Alright kids...time for a, keep in mind, that by messing with filters and blending options, this could turn out way different and quite possible better than what i'm about to show you...this is just the basic way i did it...

    Step 1: Open a new document of a rather large size. I chose 1600x1200 pixels.

    Step 2: Go to Filter, Render, Clouds, and you should end up with something like this.

    Step 3: Go to Filter, Stylize, and Find Edges.

    Step 4: Hit Ctrl-I or go to Image, Adjust, Invert. After this go to Image, Adjust, Brightness/Contrast, and set the contrast to about 90.

    Step 5: Open the vehicle you want to "marbleize" in a new document. Select the part you would like to marbleize, in this case the Chevy HHR's lower half, and copy and paste the selection.

    Step 6: Now, copy and paste your “marble” from the other document over the body of the car. I found that making the marble smaller made it more realistic looking, so I shrank it then pasted multiple tiles of the “marble”.

    Step 7: Hold “Ctrl” and click on the car body layer, this should select it. Then, hit Shift, Ctrl-I”, and making sure you are on the “marble” layer, hit delete. You should end up with something like this.

    Step 8: Now, while still on the marble layer, change your blending options to soft light and set the opacity to 70%ish…

    If any of this doesn't work right, and its from bad instruction, lemme know, and i'll try to walk ya through it...
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    Thats badass

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    that is pretty sweet! once i get my comp fixed ill give that a shot
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    probly one of the best PS posts ive seen! badass is right! haha




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