Just a video of my pickup truck and some of its mods. The truck is a 2002 Ford ranger. The current motor is a 2.3l 4 cylinder with a Volant CAI and a Jet Performance chip. The truck is dropped on Djm equipment (4/5). The Stereo is a 7inch touchscreen with pioneer speakers all the way around with exception of the subwoofer being Jl Audio. Amplifier is a Zapco 350ag. Box was designed by me and built by my stepfather. I’ve also got a Hurst short throw shifter. The bedcover is a g2 bakflip.

Stretching the legs a little…….yeah! All music rights reserved to the rightful owners. I do not own this music. © 2009 WMG.

Mostly stock 2.3T from ’83 Turbo Coupe running 10PSI in 4L

This is my Vortec system, installed on a 98 ranger 4.0 OHV. I have 24 lb injectors, tuned 80mm MAF, greddy type s blow off valve, hedman headers, and manaflow exhaust. Supercharger puts out 12 psi off boost.

On December 16, 2011, Ford’s Twin Cities Assembly Plant closed as the last Ranger pickup was produced in America.

A transporter truck with a couple of cars on it high centers trying to leave out. What this Ford Ranger take a running yank and getting it unstuck.

The women hit the bounty Hole at the GGD Party

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